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Spring Cleaning Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

As springtime rolls around, this is a great time to declutter, reorganize, and spruce up your home, inside and out, before warmer weather arrives. 

Here are some recommended items to include on your spring cleaning list and year-round maintenance routine.


Change the filters in your HVAC four times per year. This is especially important in the early spring when pollen begins to trigger seasonal allergies. 


The beginning and middle of each year are great times to check these items off your list:

  • Clean dirt and debris from window rails and along the bottom of window frames.
  • Spray window rails and guides with a dry silicone lubricant.
  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (and replace them yearly).


Take care of these items at the beginning of each year:

  • Interior
    • Inspect all trim material and toilets/tubs for gaps. Apply caulking as needed.
    • Inspect caulking around all windows and fill as needed.
    • Address scuffs or stains on walls, doors, or trim.
    • Inspect floor and shower tiles for missing or cracked grout and replace or repair as needed.
    • Check all exterior thresholds and adjust if light is showing under an exterior door.
    • Check and clean dryer exhaust as needed with a long flexible brush.
    • Flush the water heater as required. 
    • Unscrew and clean aerator filters at the tips of all shower heads and faucets. Replace as needed.
    • Replace smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Exterior
    • Inspect the roof, including all penetrations (vents, pipes, and scuppers), for cracks or damages. Reseal as necessary using the correct materials, per your home’s roofing application. Call a licensed roofer to provide this service for you if needed.
    • Clean roof scuppers, gutters, and downspouts.
    • Clean window weep holes along the bottom of all window frames and sliding doors.
    • Walk around your home, check the exterior walls for cracks, and repair as needed using correct materials.
    • Touch up damaged or peeling paint.

Following these guidelines will go a long way to helping you protect your valuable home investment and avoid unexpected problems.  With a little TLC, you’ll get more enjoyment from your home for years to come.

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