Things to Check While Buying a New Home

The time has come. A new home purchase is on the horizon, and you’re looking at open houses to shop for the right home. What are some things that you need to know to make sure you’re choosing the best new home for you? Use these handy tips to help steer you straight.

Know Your Deal Breakers

It’s important to discuss as a household the specific things you don’t want to compromise when choosing a new home. Identify the qualities of a new home that you absolutely can’t do without. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you do a lot of entertaining? Is a gourmet kitchen and double oven a necessity for all the cooking you do? Do you prefer an open floor plan? Maybe you work from home or require a study. Make a list of four or five deal breaker items that you require of your new home, and then have a separate list of things you hope for but aren’t necessary in your decision-making process. It can help you narrow down your options more quickly.

Location, Location, Location

Make note of the upkeep of the neighborhood, nearby parks and other amenities, such as schools, commute time to work, shopping and restaurants, and ask about any covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&Rs) the community may be held to. Ask about PID and HOA fees and regulations. Important factors such as these will help you determine whether the community is going to work for your lifestyle. These are all elements that help to maintain the resale value of your home in the future.


One of the many advantages of building a new home is that you’re able to play a part in the design. Hakes Brothers provides a professional design consultation to assist you in choosing the colors and materials that personalize your home and make it uniquely yours.

Understand the Warranties

Ask about warranties. Many builders outsource their warranty to a third-party warranty company. While the warranty company provides some assurance, Hakes Brothers feels that the best warranty service is done in-house by the builder. The average builder warranty includes a one year comprehensive and a 10-year structural warranty. There are also manufacturer warranties that should be conveyed to you at the time of your purchase. Keep in mind that things such as the air conditioning system, roof, windows, doors, plumbing, electric, appliances, the water heater, and much more are new in a new home and, therefore, come with new warranties, but can be extremely costly to repair or replace in a used home.

Above all, enjoy the process! If you are shopping for a new home, you are living the American dream and doing something that a lot of people would love to be able to do. While shopping for a new home can be daunting, the overall experience should be exciting! By setting the right goals and expectations, and knowing what questions to ask, you’re already one step ahead in landing the home of your dreams! We look forward to having you as a neighbor in our community and can’t wait to meet you!

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