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Ranked among the 10 safest cities in America by in 2020, McAllen, Texas is thriving as one of our country’s fastest growing areas. Located on the Rio Grande River in Hidalgo County, McAllen is a modern international city with heart. In fact, it’s a community founded on generosity, thanks to a land donation by John and James McAllen back in the early 1900s. That simple act brought a new railroad to the area—opening the door to a bright future that has continued for generations. 

With a population of approximately 140,000, McAllen is a big city with a small town vibe.  Today, this prosperous community is home to a new era of innovation, business, and culture.  Here, you’ll find unique shopping districts, authentic restaurants, and one-of-a-kind nature preserves, along with employment opportunities in education, health care, banking, international trade, and more.  

In an atmosphere where food and culture are inspired by a vibrant international influence, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of this diverse and welcoming city. Attend a festival, spend time at the Smithsonian-affiliated International Museum of Art & Science, or experience the wonders of nature at a wildlife center located along a main bird flyway between North and South America.  

While McAllen will attract you with its bucket-list shopping districts and outdoor activities, you’ll stay for the enviable weather, low cost of living, and friendly people. It’s the ideal place to settle into your new Hakes Brothers home.

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